Bridesmaid dresses trendy styles

Here you can find the most requested dress necklines and silhouettes that are designed into bridesmaid dresses.  Each style of dress is important in its own right, but some are more important to you.  Please review our options to make your choices.

A dress neckline telegraphs intention.  It sets the stage for tone and tempo. The neckline frames the face, your very essence.

Jewel neck bridesmaid dresses, like the Lela Rose LR216, appear to be most modest. This is selected when formality is most important.  The formality can be lessened by choosing from Illusion neckline bridesmaid dresses, such as Allure 1352, which offers the "illusion" of modesty.

Bridesmaid dresses with strapless necklines can be most elegant, but, they can have a dual personality. Strapless bridesmaid dresses can be either sexy or subtle.  A straight strapless dress, like the Dessy 2935, or Alfred Sung D602 for instance, is revealing but business-like. Almost like a perfunctory bridesmaid dress. But bridesmaid dresses with strapless sweetheart necklines, as in the Jordan 929 or the Bill Levkoff 574 are very attractive.  So much so, they are usually chosen by brides who are secure in their own beauty.

Halter neckline bridesmaid dresses can be practical, like the Alfred Sung D683; Halter necks are most desired by C cups and least desired by A cups.  Maybe not as practical as Watters 7546i one shoulder bridesmaid dress. Single shoulder dresses, such as Bill Levkoff 1137, are also considered one of the most comfortable styles. Cool in the summer, and secure while wearing it all day.

Bridesmaid dresses with scoop necklines offer the most diversity of appearances. From the modest Alexia 204L, to the more revealing Jordan 947, scoop necklines on bridesmaid dresses offer you the widest options.

Bridesmaid dresses with sweetheart necklines are just plain sexy.  Whether it is on a strapless bridesmaid dress like the Bari Jay 300, or a gown with cap sleeves and a surplice bodice like the Allure 1373 short bridesmaid dress, a sweetheart neckline is femininity enhanced.

There are many more styles to consider as you put together the look that is right for you.  Please enjoy your shopping.

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