Spaghetti Straps Dresses

Delicate and barely there, there’s nothing sexier than bridesmaid dresses with spaghetti straps grazing the shoulders. Named for their resemblance to the string-like pasta, spaghetti straps are often made of piped fabric to give them a round, tube shape.

Because of their sexy connotation, you might avoid putting your BFFs into spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses for a church wedding. When wearing it, a strapless bra is ideal, which will also keep the straps from digging into the shoulder. Because they are really more ornamental than supportive, spaghetti straps are sometimes detachable, or can be attached in different places offering you multiple neckline looks in one great dress.

The Jordan 864 is an excellent example of non-detachable bridesmaid dress straps. This shirred slip style dress is an interesting new take on a high-low skirt, turning it on its side with tails of chiffon that brush against the knees. The attached spaghetti straps meet in the center of the back between the shoulder blades, which not only looks amazing, but also cleverly prevents the straps from forming an indent as they graze the clavicle.

Spaghetti straps for bridesmaid dresses can be doubled up for a little added elegance. The Bari Jay 867 bridesmaid dress features double spaghetti straps, which criss-cross at the top of the shoulder. Ruched bands are basket woven over the bodice, while gathering at the waist brings exceptional fullness to the A-line skirt.

Another variation on shoulder straps is demonstrated in the Noir by Lazaro 3229 bridesmaid dress, which features the thinnest of angel hair spaghetti straps that tie atop the shoulders allowing you to adjust the length. This dress, along with all our looks, also includes free bust enhancers if you would like a little help filling it out.