Sweetheart Neckline Dresses

The sweetheart neckline is the most popular neckline in formal dresses. Flattering and versatile, with straps or without, with sleeves or sleeveless, sweetheart bridesmaid dresses can be modest or provocative. Named for its heart shape, a sweetheart neckline wedding dress is the most romantic of necklines, embracing the bosom and conforming to the body. A fashion staple for thousands of years, the sweetheart neckline top harkens back to a time when it was more acceptable to expose cleavage than an ankle or knee.

The term “modified sweetheart” refers to when the top portion is changed slightly, like a pointed top heart, or scalloped edges.

Contrary to popular belief, a sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dress works well on a larger bust. An added benefit is that formal sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dresses can sometimes offer a bit of lift, depending on the construction. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and look for sweetheart neckline tops on bustier style and corset-boned bodices. The boning beneath will hold the bust high and can eliminate the need for a bra. An underwire built into the bodice can also keep everything lifted. A lace-up back beautifully enhances the fit of a sweetheart neckline, pulling in the waist and supporting perfect posture.

For small busts, a straight strapless neckline is a better choice. However, those who are less bountiful up top can still wear a sweetheart neckline on a bridesmaid dress with a little help to fill it out. “Chicken cutlet” silicone inserts warm with body heat, conforming seamlessly to the body. A set of these will help fill out a sweetheart neckline and add a cupsize and cleavage in an instant.

When fitting a sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dress, make sure you fit your gown to your bust size, keeping it snug at the waist especially if it is strapless.

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