Bridesmaid Dresses in Black Color

Bridesmaid Dresses in Black Color

Since Coco Chanel introduced little black dress to the fashion world it has become the essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. But despite being an epitome of style and elegance, black bridesmaid dresses are still a bit controversial. Fortunately, more and more brides decide to choose this look for their wedding party, busting the prejudice that black is for funerals only.

This is a chic, classic color choice for a wedding, and long black color bridesmaid dress is the perfect contrast for the white wedding gown, making it stand out even more. Black evening dresses are versatile and very flattering, so your girlfriends will enjoy wearing them even after your big day, for any formal or black-tie event. There is nothing worse than outfit that you spent a fortune on and then wore it only once. 

You can also allow your bridesmaids to wear mismatched dress styles, so every one of them can choose the silhouette that fits her body shape. Dark color looks perfect in combination with many fabrics: black lace dresses , charcoal silk, satin, chiffon. For especially luxurious and decadent feel choose a velvet dress, even though some might consider it old-fashioned. Remember Beyonce’s velvet formal gown she wore for the 2005 Oscar red carpet?

Black and white dresses are always a classic look, fit for every season. Your bridesmaids can look stunning all year round. If your wedding is outside, this is an amazing color contrast to green grass and blue sky. For a spring wedding choose short dresses and add a pop of color with flowers. For summer you can go with flowy, A-line silhouette that suits every body type, even a short, sexy, strapless dress is a good fit. Autumn is the perfect time to try out different shades of black, such as onyx or jet-black as it goes perfectly with vibrant colors of the fall, like red and yellow. Winter wedding gives endless possibilities, for example tea length bridesmaid dresses with sequins, crystals or shimmery belts look amazing and sparkle, just like the snow.

If you feel that black maxi dress seems too dark, you can accessorize it with bold and bright details: shoes, headpieces, belts, embroidery or even a statement brooch in any of the colors: silver, champagne, pink or blue. Of course, the bridesmaid’s bouquet is not to be overlooked as a perfect addition to the black attire.

For vintage themed ceremony chic and classy is the way to go. Long, formal black bridesmaid dress in combination with sparkly jewelry or red lipstick evoke the spirit of old Hollywood, so wedding guests feel like iconic movie stars. For your maid of honor choose the floor-length strapless gown, and let the rest of your party be creative with dress styles – you just can’t go wrong, even with plus size. For ultimate touch of luxury opt for black and gold bridesmaid dresses. So girls, it is time to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and wear your beautiful black gown proudly.