From Navy to Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

From sky blue to the iconic robin’s egg blue, the coveted Tiffany Blue dresses of precious Tiffany’s gift boxes, lapis, cerulean, navy, sapphire, periwinkle, and cornflower, there is a shade of blue for every shade of you.

True blues stand for truth and trust, religious study and devotion, making it one of the most popular wedding colors. Dressing your ladies in blue bridesmaids dresses, or a range of blue hues, will bring a relaxing, peaceful, and happy mood to your wedding. Those who choose it as a color for the ceremony are reliable and honest, with a preference for order and organization. Brides who opt for bridesmaid dresses in blue are said to be devoted wives who focus on family and duty.

As a general rule, the darker the color, the more conservative, like governmental navy, responsible dark blues, and patriotic royal. They say when going before a judge, one should wear blues to garner the sympathy of the judge. Indigo, a combination of violet and deep blue stands for justice, and sincerity. Darker colors signify inner security and confidence, which would reflect the confidence that your bridesmaids have in your happiness.

Pale blue bridesmaid dresses are peaceful and freeing, like the sky, and like the aqua of a calm sea, bright azure is said to inspire ambition and determination; all beautiful ways to begin a new life together.

Short blue dress, made of satin, like the Allure 1416, feature an off-the-shoulder, wide V-neckline, to bring about the feel of water lapping gently against the shore. 

But, long royal blue, like the airy chiffon Allure 1427, are full-length and flowing, with a gathered halter neckline and open back.  It makes wearing that dress feel like soft breezes on your shoulders.

Ever versatile, our favorite color gets more conservative in the Dessy 2937 blue halter bridesmaids dress, with its knotted neckline and gathered wrap bodice. It is also perfect for the mother-of-the-bride.

The Watters 3218 is a perfect example of blue bridesmaids dresses with sleeves.  In fact, a blue lace bridesmaid dress alone is very hard to find, so your ceremony would be quite unique.

Whatever your choices, has every shade imaginable. Just click the “Shop by Color” category on the side of your screen to explore our beautiful choices.