Dresses in Ivory color

Ivory bridesmaid dresses? Yes you can! That old wives tale about keeping the focus on the bride is old hat. The focus will always be on the bride.

Not-quite white, ivory evokes pleasantness and quiet calm. The hue of soft pale flesh, pearls, opals, bone, and elephant tusk, ivory is the traditional gift for the fourteenth wedding anniversary. Beautiful for everything from rustic beachy wedding destinations, to formal affairs, ivory dresses mix well with pastels, buttercreams, gold, blush, and nudes.

Ivory and Off-White Gowns at Happy Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses in ivory is technically a neutral color option, with the same pure, clean, claming qualities of white, but with a warm touch. For brides, wearing ivory rather than white does not mean you any less pure. Pure whites can be difficult to wear without looking washed out which is why many prefer ivory dresses, over a plain white. It’s all a matter of choice and what the bride and her bridesmaids look best wearing. Using ivory bridesmaid dresses, or in off-white, is a beautiful way to create unity even when each bridesmaid wears a differently styled gown.  And ivory flower girl dresses are an ideal compliment to the bride.

One of the most versatile shades, an ivory bridesmaid dress becomes ethereal in chiffon, such as this WTOO Maids 812 bridesmaid dress, topped with flutter sleeves and a surplice wrap bodice.

A bridesmaid dress in ivory is opulent in satin, as shown in the Dessy Social Bridesmaids 8118, with its sweeping asymmetrical neckline, draped folds, and one-shoulder styling. It can also be understated when unadorned, as demonstrated in the Watters Encore 7202E ivory bridesmaid dress, made of lace with flattering long sleeves, or the Watters Encore Quince 7506E romper, which is uniquely informal for a destination wedding. 

Dressing your bridesmaids in ivory creates a universally put-together look, is easy to play around with, mix and match, and looks beautiful in pictures. Just imagine a row of ivory-dressed maidens against a backdrop of greenery, heavenly. 

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