Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple is one of the most sought after colors when it comes to weddings, as it is so versatile and soothing to look at. Darker shades look regal and elegant, while lighter tints exude freshness and fun. Even though many brides decide to throw a pop of violet here and there intro their wedding color scheme, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making this rich hue a primary color in the wedding palette.

Bridesmaid dresses in purple can fit in any theme, venue and season, depending on the shade. Lightweight materials like chiffon in soft shades of lavender or periwinkle combined with white or ivory are perfect for spring and summer wedding. They will add just the right pop of color to the outdoor ceremony, and look amazing against the whiteness of the bridal gown.

Lavender, Eggplant, Persian Plum: Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Purple and light gray is a smashing color combination that creates a cohesive color scheme. Two very similar color families allow you to create a beautiful mismatched look for your bridal party. This is also a great way to make sure that each bridesmaid gets to wear a dress color that best suits her skin tone. You can also mix lilac tones with the gray suits that groomsmen would wear, tied together by clever details like silver shoes for the girls or violet ties for the guys.

Glamorous dark purple palette is amazing for winter wedding, if you would like to add a chic, couture feel to it. Aubergine bridesmaid gowns with silver or gold accents make the whole setting look even more luxurious and majestic. Amethyst is another one of those jewel tones that is not too loud, but still leaves an impression and looks very regal.

For the bold brides there are very vibrant shades of purple you can use, like merlot, tahiti and radiant orchid, the Pantone color of the year 2014. Purple is a great color because it features a great range of hues: from wild berry that has more of a red undertone to periwinkle, that is borderline blue. That is what makes this amazing color so versatile and inspirational and easy to incorporate into any palette.

Purple Designer Gowns at HappyBridesmaids

Dessy offers purple bridesmaid dresses, one of which is the Social Bridesmaids 8144, with a square neckline, wide shoulder straps and a floor-length skirt. A great example of a strapless dark violet bridesmaid dress is the Bari Jay 1455, made from Bella Chiffon with a pleated bodice and gathered skirt ending in a puddle train. For a strapless cocktail dress, you can select the popular Bari Jay 216, a knee-length frock made from charmeuse and featuring an empire waist gathered below the bust. Light purples, orchids, and lavenders are youthful and look great on blondes. Lavender color is slightly bluish, while orchid has more pink.

African violet, lavender bridal dresses, aubergine, mauve, eggplant and plum color gowns, HappyBridesmaids.com has all the purple bridal shades you crave, to deck out your closest friends like royalty. Simply click, “Shop by Color” at the side of the side of your screen to view gowns offered in a specific color, or check the chart for an individual dress to see its offerings.