Dresses for Bridesmaids in White

It’s a nice day for a white wedding.

Why white bridesmaid dresses? Because if you desire clean, crisp, simple and sentimental, the most chic ceremonies are absent of color. Best of all, an all-white wedding with white bridesmaids dresses, is surprisingly easy to put together, and can also be as low cost or extravagant as you wish, mixing and matching to create a monochromatic, universally heavenly look.

White represents pure love and is a universal symbol for innocence and purity, worn by children and babies at confirmations and christenings as well as brides. It is the color of truth and openness, completion and wholeness.  Perfect for white flower girl dresses and white junior bridesmaid dresses. 

Neutral gowns create a modern, ethereal vibe, perfect for outdoor ceremonies and modern locales. Just imagine how beautiful your pictures will look with everyone decked out in all white bridesmaid dresses and tuxes. A white bridesmaid dress for your girlfriends is a beautiful way to get that elegant, clean wedding look, so popular with celebs, and with white dresses taking over as the new LBD, their bridesmaid dress is more likely to get a second wearing. 

Having your bridesmaids in long white dresses will not upstage the bride either. And contrary to popular belief, white for weddings does not necessarily represent virginity especially when everyone is wearing it.

Ethereal lace looks smashing, as in the knee-length Christina Wu 22658 white bridesmaid dress, which layers floral lace over chiffon, with a simple bow at the waist.

Combinations of lace with a pop of color are also très chic, as in the Alexia 4188 white bridesmaid dress with its sheer lace overlay covering the bodice, revealing a little bit of color beneath, also offered in all white.

Defy conventional wisdom and try a white bridesmaid dress for a sleek, uniform look.