Shop Bridesmaid Dresses by Fabric

Different bridesmaid dress fabrics have different features. When selecting a fabric, ask yourself, what will the season be and the weather be like? Is the event indoor or outdoor?  Where will the ceremony take place?

Heavy satins are wonderful for cooler months while airy chiffons and breathable jersey knits are beautifully wearable but might not offer much warmth.  To help with your decision, you can find your bridesmaid dress fabric online, at

Descriptions of Bridesmaid Dress Fabric: 

Tulle - Tulle is what childhood ballerina dreams are made of, a light, airy netting, sheer and opaque, sometimes embellished with crystals and sparkles and usually gathered, lined, or both.

Chiffon - Finer than tulle, a chiffon bridesmaid dress has a nearly invisible weave, airy, floaty feel, and light texture. Sheer with an opaque finish, this fabric is usually lined. 

Jersey - Soft, stretchable T-shirt type fabric; the jersey used for bridesmaid dresses is thinner and higher quality with a finer knit.

Taffeta - Crisp, stiff, with a tight weave and soft sheen; lightweight taffeta makes ballgown skirts full without weighing you down.

Charmeuse - Made of polyester unless noted as “silk charmeuse”; this lightweight satin weave fabric has a nice luster and drapes beautifully.

Dupioni -  From the name “dupion” which was the name for the original silk fabric which incorporated the threads of entangled cocoons, giving it a unique texture.  Nowadays synthetics are used, often woven with different colors to give it an iridescent effect

Peau de Souie - A delustered silk or rayon (usually rayon) satin, a bridesmaid dress with this fabric has less sheen with the same soft feel and substantial weight.

Satin - Made of nylon, silk, or polyester, it has a luxuriously smooth feel, and glossy appearance with a substantial weight. Our Duchess Satin is wrinkle resistant.

Georgette - Sheer and similar to chiffon, nowadays synthetic but traditionally silk, a bridesmaid dress made with Georgette can be  light, bouncy, and sometimes printed.

Lace - Sheer fabric with an open web-like weave with florals and patterns woven in.