Bridesmaid Dresses in Chiffon Fabric

The most iconic of formal fabrics, chiffon bridesmaid dresses are lightweight, with a gossamer feel in a plain untextured weave. French for cloth or rag, chiffon is wonderfully thin yet surprisingly strong. In fact, the lightweight texture of chiffon bridesmaid dresses will remind you of the airy cakes and pies that carry that name.

A modern chiffon bridesmaid dress is made of rayon, though some are still crafted the old way from silk. Dresses from use Bella chiffon for its high quality, extra fine weave, and lightness.

Rayon chiffon fabric is much stronger and holds up well to wearing. With a soft, opaque finish, this fabric is sheer and can be dyed any color, dip dyed for an ombre effect or printed with patterns. Due to its transparency and rough texture, it is often used as an overlay with lining beneath.

Chiffon dresses can feature stunning sheer sleeves, shawls, scarves, and bolero jackets that add a little coverage while allowing embellishments like sequins and crystals to shine from within. With split sleeves, the Jordan Caterina 2016 is a perfect example of a how a simple chiffon bolero can really dress up a look. Its thinness allows for ruching and pleating without adding thickness to the silhouette, as in the Bari Jay 230 one-shoulder, short chiffon bridesmaid dress, with its ruched bodice and criss-cross wrapped waistline. Made by machine weaving thousands upon thousands of fine threads, the weave of a chiffon dress is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

It is prevalent in formal wear and carries a plethora of bridesmaid dresses in chiffon. It is perfect for a light, airy, ethereal look and floats like a dream. 

This lightweight fabric unravels easily, which is why all the chiffon bridesmaid dresses carried by us can boast finished hems and seams.