Dresses in Lace Fabric

“Chantilly Lace and a pretty face, and a pony tail, hanging down.”   - The Big Bopper

A lace neckline dress is like an illusion neckline, in that they extend up from the bust, in some cases creating sleeves atop a seemingly strapless dress. The classic lace neckline dress is beautifully demonstrated Da Vinci 60206, topped in contrasting lace, creating a jewel neckline and cap sleeves atop fitted satin.

With so many different types, lace neckline bridesmaid dresses look like embroidery, but are different in that there is no backing fabric, giving it a peek-a-boo effect that requires a lining.


Here is our quick guide to different types of lace:

Alencon - Named for the French town, this lace is floral, lined with heavy thread, and surrounded by net. 

Allover Lace - bridesmaid dresses made of lace, with the pattern repeating, no surrounding net, and without scalloped edges.

Chantilly - Elaborate floral lace neckline bridesmaid dresses with scallops at both edges, used most often in bridal wear 

Cluny - heavy, rugged, cotton lace with guipure designs but without the expensive cost of guipure lace.

Guipure - (pronounced gee-poor) this lace is thick with a stand-up relief. It is made by a unique process of embroidering the pattern onto the fabric directly, and the cutting away or dissolving the backing fabric to leave the intricate pattern behind. These are then appliquéd onto the garment.

Raschel - Made on a knitting machine to imitate chantilly lace on bridesmaid dresses at a fraction of the cost.

Ribbon Lace - When thin ribbons are stitched into the lace.

Valenciennes - Val, or Vals, an intricate bobbin lace only available as trim.


With its delicate threading creating intricate patterns of florals, paisleys, and scrolls, lace bridesmaid dresses can be made with bobbins and pins or with needles, but today is mostly made by machine, which is a good thing.  

Back when lace could only be made by hand, it was very expensive, and the women who made lace sat in dark cellers painstakingly making it, which would cause them to go blind by the age of thirty. The things we do for fashion.