Dresses in Satin Fabric

The fabric of royalty, and life’s finer things, nothing says elegance like lusciously sleek satin bridesmaid dresses. Soft, smooth, and shiny, its satin’s beautiful sheen and substantial weight that make it so luxurious. Satin bridesmaid dresses have a glossy surface sheen, while the back is dull due to a unique weaving process.

Satin was originally made from silk, making it very expensive and only affordable to the elite. Nowadays, the term satin refers to the weave, and nylon, or usually polyester is most often used in the construction of satin fabric.  A similar, less weighty version of the weave using cotton is called Sateen.

HappyBridesmaid.com dresses usually use Duchess Satin, known for its dense weight, and soft, slippery feel. Ideal for ruched and draped looks, satin creates depth as the light catches its smooth convexes and concaves, as in the Mori Lee 688 satin bridesmaid dress, fitted through the hips with organic draping, and flaring to floor length. 

It is the reflection of light that has given satin somewhat of a reputation for being difficult to wear. This is why it is at its best when the fabric is sculpted rather than stretched, as tight satin will highlight every imperfection and can wrinkle when you sit too long. We’ve all seen unfortunate pics of starlets walking the red carpet with lines across the midsection caused by a lengthy limo ride. This can be totally avoided with a look that drapes loosely over the midsection, as in this satin Mori Lee Affairs 184 bridesmaid dress, brought to one side in soft folds, pinned with a crystal brooch.

Satin’s sheen turns simple seams into focal points, and makes unadorned styles stunning. For example, the After Six 6178 takes bridesmaid dresses in satin to modern place, with its tea-length, high-low hem, princess seams, and an inset waist. No need for rhinestones here, the beautiful construction speaks for itself.

Beautiful for pictures, the reflective quality of bridesmaid dresses in satin bridesmaid dresses will give your wedding an extra hit of sophisticated shine.