High Low Bridesmaid Dresses

Life is full of highs and lows, may they all be as fun to wear as high low dresses.

For the bride or maid of honor who cannot decide between a short bridesmaid dress or long gown, she no longer has to compromise. A happy medium between the flirty and the demure. Because the front of our legs sometimes look better than the backs. High low bridemaids style are unique, bold and edgy, while falling beautifully. A little something different, without being too “out there”, the variation in length in the hemline adds a touch of interest in an area of a gown normally overlooked, drawing attention to your awesome new shoes.

Sometimes referred to as the mullet dress, high low dresses offer the best of both worlds.  Really, high low bridesmaid dresses are the opposite of a mullet; the party in the front and formal in the back, as opposed to business in the front, party in the back, like the popular early 90’s hairstyle. The hairstyle was less than flattering, however, as a dress, we’re thankful the look lives on.

High low bridesmaid dresses show the legs in the front, with an above the knee hem, which tapers to floor length or near floor-length in the back. They can take on different styles, like a layered look over a mini, or extend to a long train.

The Dessy JR515 and JR516 have a slight variation in length, while other high-low looks are more dramatic, like this longer Social Bridesmaids 8139, which wraps in the front, tapering from tea to floor length, and its shorter Social Bridesmaids 8138 that tapers from above the knee.

As the newest silhouette to have, the high-low skirt has gone from rare, to trendy, to a look that is here to stay. Functional, and fashionable, the high-low hem allows you to let loose on the dance floor while still looking elegant and refined.