Long Dresses for Bridesmaids

There’s just something about long bridesmaid dresses that really takes things up a notch. A long bridesmaid dress looks uniform in pictures and elegant going down the aisle. In the fashion industry, they are also know as Full-length bridesmaid dresses or floor-length dresses.

Variations on the long bridesmaid dress include tea length, which hits below the knee but above the ankle, high-low, hitting low in the back and shorter in the front, and street length, which is shorter than tea length but below knee length, as seen on pencil and cocktail skirts.

 Regal and sophisticated, long bridesmaid dresses are considered more formal than knee length versions. As tradition would dictate, for black-tie events, like formal cathedral weddings, a floor length dress would be expected. Attendees can wear shorter gowns if the ceremony takes place in the daytime. A good rule of thumb, if the wedding is formal and after six o’ clock p.m. , go with a long dress. That is, if you care about traditions. When it comes down it, it’s all a matter of taste and the bride should pick what she loves regardless.

Be forewarned, long full length dresses take a bit more care to wear. Getting around in a floor length gown takes a bit of practice and ingenuity, trains drag and can be cumbersome on the dance floor. A side or back slit in the skirt allows for more ease of movement. It is also not uncommon for wedding party members to change into a second, more dance-worthy look for the reception, if it’s going to be that kind of party…

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