Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Short in length, but not on style…

Fun and flirty, short bridesmaid dresses really put the emphasis on fun at the wedding. Up until the First World War, all hemlines were around floor-length. When we look to the past, it was more acceptable to show massive amounts of cleavage than a little leg. It wasn’t until women were going to work and getting out of the house that it became not just acceptable, but necessary to free the ankle.

Form follows function, the shape of an object should be based on its purpose. More than just cute, short bridesmaid dresses let your girlfiends have some fun and show off those gams.  And they can dance the night away, effortlessly, without tripping over yards of fabric or holding up the train of their bridesmaid dress.

Its all in the details, and with short bridesmaid dresses, form certainly follows function. Styles with pockets like the Noir by Lazaro 3182 allow you some freedom from the purse while peplum ruffles around the waist and gathered skirts leave a little bit of room for cake. 

Short dresses can range from the daring micro-mini, all the way to a modest knee length, in a variety of shapes, like the full circle (think poodle skirts) cut from a circular piece of fabric, to a tapered, fitted, straight silhouette.

For a complete departure from the skirt we even carry romper shorts sets, like Watters Encore style 7506E. 

Pleats and crinoline linings give shorter bridesmaid dresses standout fullness, as do different finishes on the hem, like the curly lettuce finish, or a horsehair edge, which isn’t really horsehair, but a stiff woven strip added to give shape and body to the hemline without adding any additional weight. 

Short bridesmaid dresses are ideal for your ladies-in-waiting who plan on dancing up a storm but don’t have the time or resources to make a costume change between the ceremony and the reception.

Short bridesmaid dresses offer more than an easy-to-wear hemline, shorter styles, depending on the look are more apt to make a second appearance sometime down the road. Every bridesmaid can appreciate a look she can wear again after the wedding.