Wedding Dresses

Happy Bridesmaids is your premiere destination for all your wedding dress needs. We are not just for bridesmaids, we carry an extensive selection of wedding gowns to suit the taste and style of every bride. From the simple and unadorned, to the very elaborate, you will find plenty of gorgeous gowns to choose from, made by well-known fashion designers in the following categories: 

Beach wedding dresses; gowns made for outdoor ceremonies, with simple features and subtle embellishments, many without trains.

Couture wedding dresses; our most elaborate and unique gowns, handcrafted in the couture tradition.

Modest wedding dresses; keep it simple and sweet, with full coverage and light embellishments, at a modest price point as well.

Vintage wedding dresses; vintage style that is, all of our dresses are brand new. Featuring looks that will take you back in time with the silhouettes and styling of a number of different eras.